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Insulin Syringes

A: It is a comfort thing!! The shorter needles need go in only a short way into the skin. Also the guage of the needle has a lot to do with the comfort zone. 31 g needles are almost like hair and go in so smoothly between nerve endings.

Longer needles tend to go into the muscles or blood vessels easier than do the shorter needles.

I absolutely would not change back to the longer needles at all for any reason. And I now want the pens for my instant acting insulin! Much less insulin waste at the end of 28 days from opening the vial!!!

Q: Is it possible to use insulin syringes more than 1 time?
My sister’s cat had been on 1 insulin shot each A.M. Her last visit to the vet showed an increase in her glucose level, & she needs to have it 2 times a day. Would it be possible to use the same syringe for both shots, being careful to wipe the needle off with alcohol, or would this not be acceptable to do this?

A: Hi. yes but it isn’t recommended as the needles have a fine coating that will wear off after the first use which may cause the 2nd shot to be a bit painful. You also risk contaminating the insulin.

The fact that your vet recommended 1 shot a day to start with shows he may not have alot of experience in treating this disease. I have alot of experience and even adopt diabetic cats. Please contact me as I can help your sister alot with taking control of this disease

Q: Question about insulin syringes for my puppy?
I am currently using a 40 and my dog yelps. It is what is supposed to be used with Vetsulin but I am wondering if I can use a smaller syringe that won’t hurt him as much and how I would adjust the insulin? Or should I just wait and ask my vet today at his appointment?

A: Wait to ask your vet.

Your dog might yelp regardless, but there may be a different spot that would be less sensitive for the injection. (The needle tip size on the syringes , whether u-40 or u-100 are same I believe, so there may be no smaller syringe to use.)

Q: is it legal to buy insulin syringes without a prescription in TN?
I am currently taking a vitamin b complex, but don’t have anymore syringes. I had gone to a Walgreen’s and they said that I need something showing why I need the syringe. Is there a place I can go to that will sell them. According to the state laws, you don’t need a prescription for syringes. Is it just something that Walgreen’s is doing?

A: i know at wal mart you do not have to have a prescription . just go up to the pharmacy counter also reli on syringes is wal marts brand and they are just as good as bds or any of the others on the market place . good luck to you .

Q: How do I take insulin syringes into an amusement park?
How do you get past the metal detectors with diabetic supplies such as syringes and lancets? Just curious as I’ve only been diabetic…er, known about it anyhow, since the end of last summer and haven’t been to an amusement park since.

A: Walk up to the security personnel *before* going thru the scanner and say “these are my diabetes supplies, so please don’t be surprised by them on the X-ray.” That should do it, as long as the lancet is with the electronic monitor, and as long as the syringe is with the insulin vial. A bunch of syringes on their own would be a different story.

There are so many diabetics around, this must be fairly routine for security people.

Q: Where can I donate unused insulin syringes on the East Coast?
I have a few boxes and have been trying to find a home for them. The chemist says they’ll just destroy them. Doctors Without Borders prefers donations from businesses. I contacted the Juvenile Diabetes Assoc. and they have never had anyone wanting to donate syringes. I contacted my moderator at Freecycle and I haven’t had a replied.

A: I would call my doctor. Sometimes they take unopened boxes of this type of stuff to people in other countries that can’t afford them, or even here in the US.

Q: Do you know where I can donate insulin syringes and alcohol swabs in the Bay Area of California?
I live in Hayward and have about 30 boxes of unused syringes, I would like to donate them to a clinic that might help low income patients.

A: I am not from the California area, but I am sure there is somewhere that would gladly take your donation. Check with the health department and “free clinics” in the area. Also, check with social services and see if they know of any place that would accept such a donation.

I think what you are doing is great! Diabetic supplies are soooo expensive. The world needs more generous people like you!!!!

Q: What is the proper way of getting rid of used insulin syringes ?
I wonder if there is a place I can take them ?
I have been using a large plastic orange juice jug & screw the cap on real tight when it’s full.
I also put my lancets in it too.

A: Walgreens gives me a free container and I drop it off at the fire department..

Q: Can I buy insulin and Syringes over the counter in Texas?
I am a type 1 diabetic, and going to Texas for 6 weeks, I was wondering while I’m there, can I buy my syringes and insulin over the counter, or will I need a prescription. Thank you

A: Ask your pharmacy.

Q: How do you get rid of the bruises left from insulin syringes?
I have some small bruises on my stomache from taking my shot in my stomache….regular bruises I know you can actually massaage out, but, these seem to be drifferent. Does anyone know a way to get them to disappear more quickly? I’m leaving for vacation, and never usually get them…bad timing.

A: Sorry to hear about the discomfort.
Bruises are a result of blood under the skin. Improving circulation will help dissipate the blood: massage, muscle movement from a workout, and heat. Aspirin may help (if you can take it) because it’s a mild blood thinner.

Q: Can you buy insulin syringes from a CVS, etc in philadelphia?
Is there a site that shows which states have laws against buying them without a prescription?

A: Sure looks like you can:

As far as the legality w/o Rx goes, maybe this will help:

Q: Where do you buy insulin syringes?
CVS/RiteAid/Walgreens or some pharmacy? Are they OTC in the store or would a need to ask a pharmacist?

A: You have to ask the pharmacist at CVS, no need for prescription.

Q: Is it legal to mail UNUSED, wrapped insulin syringes??
I live in Indiana and have a family member in another state who uses insulin and I no longer do as my diabetes is 100% diet and exercise controlled. Would it be legal for me to mail these to them so that they don’t go to waste???

A: I get mine shipped to me in package labeled “medical supplies”. so Yes, I think so if you properly label them to your family member. Or on the other hand, take them to that person next time you are to go visit or they visit you.

Q: Where can I buy insulin syringes/needles in South Africa?
I am going on an extended trip to South Africa and need to purchase diabetic syringes/needles whilst I’m there. Can I just buy them in pharmacies in South Africa or is there a good online pharmacy?
The question is WHERE can I buy them, not just can I buy them. Different countries have different ways. Please read the question before abusing…

A: Yes, you can buy them from Dischem pharmacies and I’m sure other pharmacies will also stock them.

Q: How do you dispose of insulin syringes safely?.?

A: Never, never place insulin syringes in the trash. Insulin syringes, at least here in the United States, must be placed in an appropriate container (“Sharps” container) and disposed of appropriately. There are agencies that pick up and dispose of these containers.

Since I don’t know where you live, I cannot provide much more information. In some areas, improper disposal of sharps is against the law. Your local health department or pharmacy would be a good source.

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