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Xylocaine Gel

A: Xylocaine gel is only 2 % it will not help much but if u buy xylocaine 10 % solution, put about 2 drops of this solution on hymen 15 minutes before insertion,
xylocaine should be used only once.
otherwise u will not get pleasure or the male will loose hardness.

Q: Using 6% Xylocaine gel during sex?
I recently started having sex and OMG does it hurt. I will admit it is a little better that when I started out. When my husband inserts his penis into me it hurts. I feel it deeper within. As mentioned before I was a virgin. Does it usually hurt this much? Has anyone ever used 6% Xylocaine gel to numb the inside of teh vagina for pain?

Not sure how to respond but trying something. yes we did see the doctor and everything is fine structurally or so he says. He told us to use the 2% xyoclaine get. It does not seem to work.

A: No. If you numb your vagina up, what would be the point in sex? Get some lube or something.

I have some contacts that are experts on lubes. I will star this question for them to see. I see our Verchina expert has already answered. Listen to him. He knows his Verchinas.

Q: what is xylocaine 2% Gel?
I have Four Questions

1. Can Xylocaine 2% Gel (Lingocaine / LindoCaine) be used for first time sex pain relief for women and when can I stop using this gel I mean after 2-3 times indulging in act so that she is comfortable or after how much encounter so that I can stop using it and let her feel the feelings. As she is afraid of too much pain and can’t even bear the pain of fingering two fingers together however one fingers is ok with her now after doing some practice..

2. How often I can use like I mean Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday is it ok

3. Is there any side effect temporary or Permanent ?

4. Is it complete anaesthetic I mean total Numbness like no feeling no pain for her or she still feel little or less pain.

Thanks in advance for your answers

A: It just makes the nerves feel dead so there is no pain. No real side effects unless you have or she has an allergy to any anesthetic agent that ends in caine. Like Benzocaine and xylocaine. If not the you all should be fine but you need to find out why there is pain. The pain is there telling you all that something is not right and needs to be looked at. I hope she went and got looked at if she is the one in pain. Here try this website and it will tell you all you need to know about it. Just type in the word and then go from there.

Q: cost of Xylocaine gel 2%?
Is it expensive?
Whats the cost?

A: not expensive. may be Rs 30-40/ a tube

Q: what is the price of xylocaine 2% Gel in India (mumbai)?

A: It would vary from pharmacy to pharmacy but one place you might be able to find out more is from Astra Zeneca (they are the big company that makes Xylocaine 2% gel). They can also tell you who there in India to contact if they have contact information available.

Q: How to cure the gums of my 3 yrs old daughter which are bleeding continously since 4 days ?
My daughter got fever a week ago.I stated giving her paracetamol.Now she is not having any fever anymore but her gums are swollen and bleed everytime I apply Xylocaine gel over it.I am very much worried about this.Doctor haver given Xylocaine Gel and drops for her.Any aother useful remedies,please share.Is it normal ? How long does it last?

A: OMG go to a dentist right now!

Q: What is the best local anesthetic drug.Is there any one available in spray form?
What is the best local anesthetic drug.Is there any available in spray form?Different brands name such as Xylocaine are used in local anesthesia but it is available in the gel and ointment form.Could any body search the right one in spray form,and also its use.

A: What’s best for you depends upon what you need it for. Is it to remove a splinter or treat something on the surface in the skin. In that case sprays which produce an instant freeze and numb the area for several seconds can be used – sprays such as a skin doctor uses. For longer time control creams or patches with numbing lidocaine can work for an hour or more. For something deeper you might require an injection. You decide.

Q: Has anyone used it?
My Dr prescribed Xylocaine gel 2% for me as I felt pain during intercourse and didnt allow my partner to penetrate.I was told to apply a little of this gel around the vaginal opening and wipe it after 20 mins.And then have sex.But I havent tried it yet coz my fiance is not entirely convinced with it.Has anyone used it?
P.S.Im unable to have penetrative sex till date coz of my pain.

A: Well, the xylocaine will probably work and should have no side effects (if that is what the boyfriend is worried about). However, the bigger question is why are you having so much pain with intercourse? That is definitely not normal, so just numbing the area is not a satisfactory solution. You need to find a doctor that will help you find the cause of the problem. You didn’t say if the doctor was an OB/GYN or a GP. Start with an OB/GYN. If he/she can’t help, you may need to find one that specializes in sexual dysfunction.

Q: Help me please..?
Just answer few questions:
If you keep pillows below your hips during sex does it help in easy penetration?
does KY jelly has any side effects?
I have read in an article by a dr that if a woman experiences too much pain during penetration she should use xylocaine gel 2% is this true?any side effects?

A: yes ,yes and yes again to all three questions,
The pillows help raise the pelvic bone and therefore easier penetration,
KY jelly is excellent for smoothing the way, if you know what I mean, but it is a lazy lovers thing most of the time, good old fashioned fore play is better than any jell,
xylocaine is a small pain type lotion and if you have to use this , we go back to the lazy lover syndrome,(find a guy who knows how the womans body works,
I am sure you will have more fun and enjoy your pain free sex..
have fun

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